Accessibility & Conduct Contact form
Please use this form to report an issue to the EMF Accessibility & Conduct Team. 

This could be an incident or a potential breach of the code of conduct. 

For urgent event-time issues, please use the DECT phone network (1234) to call the Accessibility & Conduct Team, or ask someone with a radio to contact the Accessibility & Conduct Team. We'll be able to react a lot faster.
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Where did this take place
If not sure exactly where, please try to help us — may be useful.
Any more information?
if you took a photo / video and want to share that with us, a link is fine.
Do you feel you need any additional support from anyone at EMF that you don't already have?
First Aid may be able to help, along with the Info Desk. 
Please call us if you're able to and would like someone to listen.
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