Deepcoin OTC/P2P Merchant Application
Apply to become a merchant to trade USDT to users for fiat on Deepcoin. 

MERCHANT BENEFITS - go to for more info

Dedicated Support/Account Manager  |  Liquid Marketplace  | Fair Order Matching

No need to place ads!

Low maintenance & simplified system!

Rewards for completing trades monthly:
5$ for 5 trades
10$ for 10
15$ for 50
25$ for 100
30$ for 200
40$ for 300

Top 2 Merchants get 150$ each month!

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What currently supported fiat currency(ies) will you buy and/or sell crypto with on our P2P Trading platform?  *
Do you have any other suggestions of ways you would like to be sent fiat currency that Deepcoin does not currently offer? 
What other currencies would you like to see Deepcoin provide P2P services? 
Approximately how much liquidity can you provide monthly?  *
What services do you use to accept fiat currency?  *
Are you a trustworthy and honest person? Do you promise to be truthful and honest about the exchanges happening between you and Deepcoin customers?  *
Do you promise to respond to every exchange request within 24hr to 48hrs?  *
Do you promise to respectfully communicate with Deepcoin customers and stay in touch with your liaison should there be any problems that arise?  *
Do you have any questions or comments for us to know about your expectations for the program? 
Thank you! A team member will be in touch with you shortly for next steps!
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