Founding an 'Ella Baker school of transformative community organising'
Why Ella Baker?
Because she was an inspirational figure for over half a century in the African American freedom movement, and she is almost totally absent from the history of community organising (while a lesser figure, Saul Alinksy is almost universally advanced as 'the founder of modern community organising').
Why a school?
Because we all have to learn somewhere
Why 'transformative organising'?
Because we want to distinguish our strategy from those approaches that merely aim to get existing supporters to 'shout a bit louder'. We want to use organising not just to transform power relationships in our communities, but also to transform people themselves (their values, their behaviour, even their hopes and aspirations) as they realise what can be achieved when we work together, often across artificial divisions of gender, ethnicity, faith and class.

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