FOLJ Church: Worship Family Auditions - 2019
Hey Guys!

We are auditioning for FOLJ Church Worship Family. Please fill the Audition Form in order to apply.

List of songs for the audition:
- No Longer Slaves - Bethel
- King of My Heart - John Mark McMillan
- Great Are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters
- Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here - Kim Walker (Jesus Culture)
- God's Great Dance Floor - Chris Tomlin's version
- Tumsa Koi Nahi - Yeshua
- Tere Paas Aata hu - Yeshua
- Chahen Tumko Dil Se - Yeshua
- Shukriya - Amit Kamble
- Naachoonga - Sheldon Bangera

For Instrument Audition:
1. Prepare your parts exactly as in the above songs.
2. If you play more than one instrument, you are advised to audition with your strongest. However, you are free to audition with as many instruments as you can play.

For Vocals Audition:
1. You are required to sing the lead vocals for any 1 song from the above list without any instrument harmony or backing. (Keys assistance permitted to determine the scale initially).
2. You are also required to sing the harmony for any 2 songs from the above list.

Common Instructions:
1. For each audition, you must play/sing any 3 songs from the options given above in the following combination:
a. 2 English and 1 Hindi, Or,
b. 2 Hindi and 1 English

For Sound Management Only:
1. Only fill the common details section of the form and skip the rest to submit it. You will be contacted after your form is received.
2. You are required to Mix from scratch a worship set during the band's practice.

Last Date to apply:
Saturday, 12th January 2019, 23:59 PM

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