Tell us what you know about children and adults with disabilities (including older adults) currently in nursing homes, congregate and other institutional facilities during the  COVID-19 pandemic

Join us in stopping the mass slaughter of people with disabilities who are dying from COVID-19 in nursing homes, congregate and other institutional facilities in every US state and territory.  

In the alarming absence of government intervention, there is an urgent need for immediate action by Centers for Independent Living, Protection and Advocacy systems, individual advocates and all other disability and allied organizations to find, support and protect people with disabilities in nursing homes, group homes, psychiatric institutions, residential, correctional and other carceral facilities, alternate care facilities, and other congregate facilities.

As of April 19, at least 7,300 people with disabilities have died in nursing homes from COVID-19:

An unknown number of people have perished in agonizing deaths in these and other congregate facilities.
Despite civil rights obligations to people with disabilities, the government is failing at all levels to protect people with disabilities from neglect and egregious harm. In the absence of government action during this pandemic, it falls upon the disability community and our allies to serve as vigilant advocates demanding immediate action to save our disabled siblings and others also being relegated to these death pits.

Facility owners and operators are already hungrily seeking opportunities to fill the empty beds of thousands and thousands of victims. Soon there will sadly be many more than the publicly reported 7,300 nursing home beds empty as a result of COVID-19. Loss of funding is also a motivation for the for-profit prisons to prevent the release of inmates and detainees.

A long-overdue requirement announced by HHS on 4/19 finally demands that nursing homes report on COVID-19 infections at their facility to the CDC and inform residents, their families, and representatives. While this is a start, it will have little benefit beyond admiring the magnitude of the problem.

We ask Centers for Independent Living, Protection and Advocacy systems and other disability advocacy and allied organizations to begin or continue to take action in three ways:

1. Complete this survey before May 1, 2020 so we can get a national snapshot of information not publicly available.
2. Call out the true magnitude of the civil rights violations of people with disabilities already in and those being forced into institutions and other congregate facilities. This includes any form of medical rationing and denial of disability access and accommodations.
3. Work together to protect everyone who is still alive. This includes keeping people with disabilities from becoming infected, providing personal protective equipment, health maintenance and personal assistance and services for all people with disabilities, at home, in acute care and institutional settings.

*Please submit survey responses by May 1, 2020*

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Please share good and promising practices during the COVID-19 pandemic that have been successful for your organization to:  a.) communicate with individuals in facilities, b.) get people out of nursing homes, congregate and other institutional settings c.) keep people out of acute care settings when not necessary. d.) keep people out of "alternative care", nursing homes and other congregate facilities.
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