Wafer: is it part of your life?
The followings survey has strictly marketing aims in order to:

- Understanding the consumer
- Gain a detailed profile of consumers
- Understand the key snacking/wafer needs stated across the segments purchase decision
- Identify snacking/wafer purchase channels

The survey is proposed by the company Halusky.

This information will be used to develop communication and positioning strategies for some company products.
We want to propose you some questions that will help us in the brand development & commercial launch.

We invite you to participate, and if you will be among the FIRST FIFTY to complete our survey, you will receive a special FREE gift hamper contaning our products. But remenber to provide your email address at the end of the survey so we can contact you for FREE hamper.

Thank you for your consideration which will improve our products offer.
In this way you have the chance to become the testimonial of our company. What are you waiting for?
Join us!

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Privacy Policy
The survey results may be anonymised and you can choose to provide answer or not. Infact providing survey responses is voluntary.

We will ask your Email only to contact you, if you are among the first FIFTY respondents and in any other case.

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