Empower Your Passion - Entry Questionnaire
Thank you for diving into this adventure and journey. Thank you for choosing to invest in yourself and your personal & professional growth. Empower Your Passion is the group within the RoundtableLab community where we will be focusing on the deeper, more holistic aspects of business and finance. In EYP we will tackle each of our big inner roadblocks that keep us from true success, whatever that means to each of us.

In order to begin with the best foot forward, it would help me to know where you are in your current journey and what areas of focus will be most impactful for you starting off.

To begin, since our work will focus largely on mindset and your inner game, I'd like to begin by asking you to identify three barriers you experience (or suspect you are experiencing) that interfere with you taking action.  Then, please try to imagine what you taking action would look like if you were able to transform each barrier.  Be as clear and concise as possible.  Keep these realistic but a bit of a stretch for you. The best progress happens when we step outside our comfort zones. Enter these into the first handful of questions below. The rest of the questions after those are fairly self-explanatory.                                            

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to our other members!

Many Thanks,
Ingrid Edstrom
Priestess Of Profits
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Your Name *
Top Success Barrier #1 *
Potential goal to transform barrier #1 *
Top Success Barrier #2
Potential goal to transform barrier #2
Top Success Barrier #3
Potential goal to transform barrier #3
Strengths and Growth Areas: *
What are the areas in which you really excel? What are you struggling with? What would be the most effective ways to support you as you choose to grow and change?
The story of your business:   *
Please tell me the story of your mindset and how it has impacted your business with emphasis on turning points, challenges, struggles and proud moments. Why are you making the choice now to make changes? (1-2 paragraphs is sufficient.)
Your WHY: *
Does your company have a Vision? Please share with me why you love being an accounting professional. How does being an accountant tie in to your higher principle, which is whatever you believe in that is bigger than you. It is OK if you don't have well thought-out answers yet. Type whatever comes to mind, and we can help you form your thoughts.
Value Pricing: *
Are you currently using hourly, fixed, or value pricing for your clients, or a mixed bag? How does your pricing feel to you? Do you feel like you are getting paid what you are worth? Are your clients receiving the best value from your services?
Niche and Target Market: *
Who are your favorite clients? Have you defined a niche? What are you currently doing to focus your marketing to replicate your best clients?
Team: *
Do you currently have employees or subcontractors? If not, do you want to? If yes, how is that working for you? What do you see as being your strengths and growth areas as a leader?
Other Questions and Concerns: *
Please list the things which you feel hinder you from growing your business. Do you have any concerns or hesitations about this program? What are the concerns or worries you have which prevent you from taking action to grow your business? What are the thoughts which get in the way of your success? Are there things you do which keep you busy and take time away from working on your business? This is your personal list. Feel free to write down as many as you can. Everything is important, no matter how trivial it might seem to you. Express yourself openly.
Our work together: *
Procrastination, avoidance, and perfectionism can happen at times when asked to step out of your comfort zone. Any of these will affect the outcome and your success toward reaching your goals. When there is resistance, it is important we address it. This will ensure you receive the best results possible. My approach is to hold up the "mirror" so that you can see where you may be standing in your own way, and give you an opportunity to work through your roadblocks with colleagues who are experiencing similar challenges. How do you feel about that?
Which topics do you currently find most relevant as we start our discussions together? *
We're going to discuss what each of these might look like a bit in our intro meeting, so if there are some you have questions about, that's OK! Please feel free to reach out to me if there is a particular topic that you are itching to discuss that is not on this list.
Not relevant
Very relevant
Not sure yet, need more info
Cultivating Positive Mindset
Breaking Limiting Beliefs (ex: Zero-Sum-Game)
Imposter Syndrome
Higher Principle & Personal Vision of Success (Includes Niches & Specialization)
Breaking Habits (ex: "Busy" & the need to do/be EVERYTHING)
Healthy Money Mindset, Value, & Pricing (Plus how to teach it to clients!)
Self-Worth and Your Personal "Enough-ness"
Personal Trauma & Life Impacts on Business
Building the Networking & Collaboration Muscle
Deeper Communication & Advisory Services with Clients
Building Leadership Skills & Confidence
Other: Reach out to me with your ideas!
Book Club:
We have a book-club chat going on in Circle, so that it's not taking up our meeting times and so that new members can join discussions about past books without posts getting buried. This is also a great opportunity for members to practice leadership skills, scheduling additional meetings outside of our usual routine to discuss books and practice meeting facilitation. Have you read any great books recently that you would like us to book club on?
Any other questions/concerns?
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