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NOTE: Tick the appropriate option.                   CATEGORY A: Items on the Course
Very Good
The Course as a whole was
The Course content was?
The Course organization was?
Relevance and usefulness of Course content were?
Clarity of course objectives was ?
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CATEGORY B: Lecture/Lecturer Appraisal
Very Good
Clarity of lecturer's voice was ?
Explanations by lecturer were ?
Sequential presentation of concepts was ?
Lecturer's ability to present alternative explanations when needed was ?
Lecturer's use of examples and illustrations was ?
Lecturer's enhancement of student interest in the materal was ?
Student confidence in lecturer's knowledge was ?
Lecturer's enthusiasm was ?
Encouragement given to students to express themselves was?
Answers to student questions were?
Availability of extra help when needed was ?
Use of class time was?
Lecturer's interest in whether students learned was?
Evaluation and grading techniques (test papers, projects, etc.) were?
Reasonableness of assigned work was?
Lecturer's classroom management skill was?
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