Kodak Campus - High School Grades 9-12
Parent Survey Fall 2019
How often does the staff at the High School do the following:
Invite you to school events.
Make you aware of the important information and news about the school.
Offer opportunities to participate in making decisions that affect the school community.
How often do teachers at the High School do the following:
Let me know what my child is working on in class.
Contact me personally to discuss my child's academic achievement.
Provide suggestions for how to support my child in school.
Listen to my suggestions about how to best support my child.
How much do you agree with the following statements about the High School:
The staff respects me.
The staff does their best to help my child learn.
The staff has my child's best interest in mind.
I am comfortable sharing my concerns with teachers at the school.
I am comfortable sharing my concerns with the leadership at the school.
To what extend do you feel.....
That you understand the school's vision/mission?
Welcomed when you enter the High School?
Like a partner with the staff at the school in your child's education?
It is easy to contact your student's teachers when you need to?
It is easy to contact your student's leadership when you need to?
How true are the following statements:
My child feels safe at the High School.
The High School addresses bullying.
A teacher, leadership or other staff member at the High School lets me know if there is a problem with my child's behavior.
To what extent do you feel that the High School is preparing your child....
For college?
To earn the Seal of Biliteracy (English/Spanish).
How likely are you to recommend this school to a parent looking for a school for their child?
Overall, how satisfied are you with the education your child is receiving at this school?
What are we doing well at the High School that you would like to see us continue to do?
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What areas would you like to see us improve upon at the High School?
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