Hello from the KMS/KHS PTA! So we can continue to support our Keystone students in the best way possible, we are asking for input for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. The information we gather from this survey will help the PTA direct their resources to events and programming that the families at Keystone WANT to participate in.

The “Family Fun Events” are designed to promote learning, problem solving and communication between families/team members in a new and fun way. The “Programs” will be informational meetings led by professionals or people with experience in the field of those topics.

Description of Family Fun Events:

Family Murder Mystery: This will be a night full of fun and excitement as your family works together to figure out “Who Done It?” This event will include high school student/staff/parent actors. Snacks and refreshments will be provided and prizes will be awarded.

Escape Room: Groups of 8-10 will be “locked” in a room until they can find clues and solve riddles to escape! Each group will have a set time limit to get out. Snacks and refreshments will be available and certificates of completion will be awarded. The group that has the fastest time will receive a prize.

Amazing Race: Keystone Edition: Families will race against each other throughout the community (may include surrounding areas) and complete tasks and challenges (Detours and Road Blocks). Each team will be given a “passport” that will be stamped after each task or activity has been completed. Each team is responsible for own transportation. Prizes will be awarded for top finishers.

Family Dodge Ball Tournament: Teams of 5 (students/families/teachers/school staff) will compete in 3 minute rounds until one team is left standing. Teams must have a team name and matching outfits are recommended. Prizes will be awarded for multiple “Best of” categories. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Age restrictions apply.

Family Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Families will work together to solve clues and riddles to find locations/landmarks throughout the community (may include surrounding areas) that they must take a selfie with. Once all locations/landmarks are found and there is photo-evidence, everyone will meet for snacks and refreshments in a pre-determined location. Prizes will be awarded for top finishers.

Community Pizza Challenge: Local pizza vendors will compete for awards in several different categories, winners will be chosen through participant voting. There will be family-related activities for entertainment as well.

Descriptions of Programs:

My 1st Job Fair: Many times teens do not know where or how to get started when looking for their first job. This event will showcase several local companies who hire students and offer a flexible schedule for their studies. A presentation will be led by a professional in the field of first -time employment.

Teen Driving: Things I didn’t learn in Drivers’ Education: This presentation will be led by emergency personnel that will give helpful tips and instructions on what to do in the case of different emergency scenarios.

College Credit Plus: Help, I need more information: This presentation will differ from the provided CCP presentations that LCCC offers at KHS, it will offer a Q & A session with parents and students who participate in the program to gain a better understanding of how the process has worked for them.

Community Outreach/Volunteering: This will be an ongoing effort to help those in our community in various ways.

Money Management for Teens: Teens quickly turn into adults so preparing them for financial decisions is crucial. This presentation will showcase different money related issues that teens face and will give them suggestions on how to deal with them.

Please answer all of the questions below by checking the appropriate box. Yes, if your family would like to partcipate in this even/program or No, if your family would not. All events are family-friendly, but are recommended for ages 10+. Each “Family Fun Event” will have a small participation fee.

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