Welcome to the O-sugi MTB trail park.

Please read and follow our rules as follows.
If you agree, please sign the contract
After your filling in the Pledge, other people can fill in it newly.
※When using with your family, enter the number of representatives and enter the number of people.

Trail open, please check the link destination of the calendar.

Administrator of O-sugi MTB Trail Park: Gifu MTB Trail Project
About O-sugi MTB Trail Park
We control our trail based on the agreement between us and Osugi Ward -the landowner.
If you don't follow the rules, everyone won't be able to use this Trail.
Follow the rules and have good manners.

Please watch for the roots, rocks, logs, pot-holes, failing trees and limbs, drop-offs, cliffs and other hidden dangers.
All riders are requested to ride a well-maintained Mountain Bike type bike.
Riding with narrow tire such as Cyclo-cross is prohibited to protect the trails.
Riding with under 1.75” (47C) width tire is prohibited in this trail (excluding children).

We are not responsible for any accidents and injury in this Park.
The following are prohibited in this Park
・Pedestrians don’t must enter MTB course.
・Stay on marked trails only. Do not ride Walkway and other than trail.
・Collecting plants and animals is banned.
 The digging of minerals and rocks, picking of flowers and/or plants
 (including herbs and awn flowers), capture of wild animals and/or insects, feeding of fish and/or animals is prohibited.
・Using fire, Smoking is prohibited in this park and Car Parking. (including Electronic vaporizer style cigarettes)
・Riding ATV’s, Motorcycles or Off road vehicles are prohibited.
・Bring in saws, hatchets or portable gas stoves is prohibited.
・No pets allowed.
・Flying drones, radio-controlled cars or playing with balls in prohibited.
About the use of MTB course
※Do not ride when trails are muddy or wet.
 We close this park at the rain and wet conditions.

・You must wear Cycling Helmet during the ride.
・Groves is recommended.
・All riders are requested to ride a well-maintained Mountain Bike.Please inspect your bike before you ride.
 ※We don’t rent a helmet or Groves.

【About accompany and balance bike】
・To accompany your children is limited in "Tsutsuji course".
・Balance bike is "Tsustuji course" or "Yostuba park" only.
About riding in the MTB course
・Yield to Beginner riders.
・Control your bike to avoid people and obstacle.
・When you join and start riding in the course, do not obstruct other riders

【Prohibitions in the course】
・Do not ride out of courses.
・One-way travel only. Please follow the Marker. No short cuts.
・Yield to the rider ahead of you. Do not pass other riders as a basic rule.
・Do not stay on the trails for long time. Do not stop at poor visibility sections.
・Do not ride when you do not feel well. No alcohol or Drugs in this park.
・Do not skid to protect courses.
・Changing the course and cutting down trees are prohibited.
・Do not ride a bicycle in Walkway.

If you agree to the rules, please click 'next' and fill in the Pledge.
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