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This information helps us decide if we're a good coach-athlete match. After you submit, I'll contact you with some thoughts and we'll banter back and forth a bit before any decisions are made. Also, your email is NEVER given to anyone else, nor do I bother you if you decide not to hire me.
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What are you looking for in a coach? What "success" are you looking for? Are you training for any specific race(s)?
What does your training look like now? Be as detailed as you like. (You might want to peek at questions coming up which get more specific about your current/past training.) Yes it's okay if your training now is none at all!
What is your longest single run in the past six months?
What are some of your fastest times (if you have them) for various distances in the past year? Whether in races or in training.
In the past two months, if you've been running, can you estimate about how many miles you've been running each week?
Where can/do you run? Treadmill, roads, dirt trails, crushed gravel, etc.? A mixture of these (if so, which)? If outdoors, what is the environment like? Very flat everywhere? Hilly? Mountains?
What's your athletic history BEFORE the past year? In running or other sports. Try to give rough dates. Go back as long as you like.
Are you dealing with any injuries, large or small? Go into detail if you wish. Also add any previous injuries that might be relevant.
IF this has not been addressed above, what days are you available to train? About how many hours on these days? How many days per week do you want to run? I know this can vary from week to week as life gets in the way, but is your training often disrupted (or likely to be disrupted) by family matters, work travel, or other things? In other words, do we need to be really flexible in our scheduling, or do you easily adhere to a weekly schedule?
Are you a gym rat? In other words, do you belong to a gym (or have a set up at home) and really enjoy going there? What do you do there? Weightlifting, classes, swimming, other? If you do not do this now, is this something you'd really like to do? Does the idea of strength training sound fun and appealing? Do you do other cross training like cycling or swimming? (This doesn't mean I'm going to tell you that you should do any of this. Just gathering information.)
What's the best way to communicate? Choose all that apply.
Anything else I should know?
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