FEEDBACK for Anna Riedl
As a person I continuously strive for approximating being an excellent human.

You can help me on my journey by giving me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses to triangulate in what direction I should head in the future.

Please tell me concrete or general things I did especially well or actions you think were sub-optimally and could be improved.

​In what ways did I have a positive impact on your life and how could I have done better? In what ways am I more competent than the average or median of people who have met? And where less so? You are welcome to give anonymous feedback, as this makes it probably easier to speak honestly.

If you are comfortable about being open about it and want to have further conversations about the points you made, please share your name and contact details. In case you said something positive you also have the option to allow me to quote you on it e.g. in job applications, this could be beneficial for my future possibilities in the world.

Please be aware that a real human being is reading and will be affected by what you are writing.
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