SocialX Twitter Bounty
15%* of the bounty pool to be allocated to the Twitter campaign. Terms:

- Each member of Twitter Bounty campaign should have at least 500 followers

- Each member should follow the official SocialX Twitterpage (@SocialXNet) and retweet at least one SocialX tweet per week.

- A member, who has not retweeted tweets during one week or unfollowed the official SocialX Twitterpage, is not eligible for a reward.

Stakes per tweet or retweet

+500 Followers 1 Stake
  +1000 Followers 5 Stakes
  +5000 Followers 30 Stakes
  +10000 Followers 65 Stakes

* SocialX reserves the right to adapt bounty task percentages by up to 5% depending on the number of contributors.

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