Robot for Tidying Floors
We're developing a small home robot that helps people keep their floors tidy.

The robot can be placed in a room and it will:
 - Drive around finding toys, clothing and small objects on the floor
 - Pick things up that are small enough for it to carry
 - Put objects into containers (on the floor) based on category

We would appreciate your help in answering a few questions on what features you would find most useful!
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Do you have any children between the ages of 0-12 years old living with you? If so, how many? *
Does part of your home often have toys, clothing or other small objects cluttering the floor? *
Would you value having a small home robot help you tidy your floor? *
What types of things would you MOST want such a robot to help tidy into bins or containers? *
Would you be ok making sure there's no dangerous objects, breakable objects or liquids on the floor before running the robot? *
Would you pay $1000 for a robot that could help with the above tidying tasks? *
Would you pay $500 up-front and then $25/month for a robot that could help with the above tidying tasks? *
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