Créu Caretakers Application 2022!
We are looking for responsible, engaged individuals who are interested in providing support & resources in #créu-cares!

Please note this form is currently only open to Campers and above.

If approved, you'll be contacted & granted the @Caretaker role, which means:
- access to posting in #créu-cares
- recognition by the Créu Community as someone friendly, mature & resourceful
- your choice to have DMs open or closed to members seeking extra help
- work closely with CCCs & help improve the Server

- #créu-cares will be used for support & resources, and not as general or vent chat. As a @Caretaker, you'll focus on mindful resources and encourage members to seek mental health professionals as needed.
- failure to follow TOS and misuse of the role will result in removal & possible warns.
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What inspires you MOST to be a Créu-Caretaker? *
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What Caretaking topics are you interested in? *
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How do you plan to use #créu-cares? *
Do you agree with the following statements? 1) My account is in good standing and I will follow the Créu Discord Server TOS and 2) I understand that abusing the Caretaker perms and responsibilities in ANY way unintended will result in termination of my role, without prior warning. *
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