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Thank you for your interest in being a host for Party at the Primary! Party at the Primary is a program run by New Hampshire Youth Movement to bring young organizers from key, battle ground states into New Hampshire for the thick of the primary. Organizers will be trained in Get-Out-The-Vote operations, Direct Candidate Engagement, and Direct Action through a 2 week intensive program. Participants will return to their home states with the tools they need to mobilize thousands of young voters to win big for a progressive champion in 2020.

As many of these young people are coming from out of state, we're calling on the community to help house these volunteers.

We ask that hosts:

Host 1-2 volunteers for 2 weeks in your home.
Build community and stake with these organizers, many of whom will be in the state for the first time.
Provide meals for volunteers. If you are not able to provide food, we have food stipends to subsidize the cost of groceries.
Be willing to open your home 2-3 nights per week to other program participants for phonebanking.

Please fill out the below form and contact Abby Mai: if you have any questions.

If you are unable to host volunteers but would like to sponsor a participant, please contact Griffin:

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