Intimacy in Remote Schooling
The pandemic has caused disruption across the globe, and with any disruption it allows century-old systems to be reconsidered and redesigned. Schooling for one has been severely disrupted by the pandemic and many students and faculty are struggling to cope with the new strategies outlined by the government and institutions. By participating in this study I hope that I can uncover problems students are facing in this online environment and look at solutions to try and ease and solve those problems.
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What post-secondary institution do you currently attend?
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How long have you been studying in post-secondary?
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And do you study full, or part-time?
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Are you currently working while you are studying?
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How do you identify?
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How old are you?
What are your current living conditions during school? Is this a result of the pandemic, if so how come?
How many people, including yourself, live with you?
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What is your current working conditions for completing schoolwork, doing lectures, etc?
On a scale from 1 - 5, what are your thoughts on remote schooling so far?
Not a fan
Big fan
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What about remote schooling makes you feel this way?
What methods have your school implemented to allow for remote schooling that you have found works best?
How has your mental health changed during the pandemic while doing remote schooling?
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How has your academic progress changed during the pandemic while doing remote schooling?
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Why do you think this is?
The pandemic has caused a strain for relationships whether that be romantic or platonic due to distancing guidelines, how has this affected you?
What were your routines and what would your typical school day look like for you pre-pandemic? (This can include things like how you typically worked on schoolwork, going to the library doing sports or clubs etc.)
How has your life and daily routines changed since the pandemic? (can be in regards to your workflow, how you work, how your days are structured, how you eat etc.)
Would you be available to do a short semi-structured video interview to discuss your mental health in regards to intimacy in the pandemic?
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If yes, please provide an email that I could contact you regarding a follow-up interview
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