Regal Characters Ethics

**Please make sure your google calendar is synced with your proper location. This is very important to ensure you receive the correct party information. Please check this now..**

You acknowledge you are responsible for any damages or loss to Regal Characters Costumes or Equipment while they are in your possession. You will personally reimburse Regal Characters if a manager finds your equipment or materials to be damaged and needing repair or missing items from your costume or supplies.

Costumes and supplies must be returned no later than 4 days following your last booking unless a manager otherwise specifies.

You acknowledge that you are a self contracted employee and that you will represent Regal Characters with Respect and Pride when working as one of our characters. No smoking, drinking, or using foul language while in costume.

Client information is given to you for the sole purpose of supplying you with the contact information for your arrival at a party or event.

You will never text or call the parent when you are running late or to follow up or ask for images. This will result in immediate termination.

All Tardinesses must be addressed with a manager ASAP.

You may not use photographs, videography, or training information from Regal Characters training or events to benefit your own personal for-profit endeavors.

No outside accessories are to be worn in costume without a manager's approval. Nails must be a neutral color and clean while performing.

By electronically signing this you agree to keep all Regal Characters training information confidential indefinitely.

With great power comes great responsibility. You are now representing people's greatest heroes and heroines. Please uphold this responsibility with honor and take great pride in your job! You are now one of the elite.

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