Tiger PAWS Allocation Request 2019-2020
Allocation submission deadlines:
October 11th
January 27th
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1. Allocation Request Form will be submitted to the respective WWS Asst. Principal for review: (Fine Arts or Activities –Dan Korntheuer; Athletics - Mike Healy; Academic - Lorie Campos; Student Services - Melissa Calvert). Documentation including product specifications and cost estimate must be emailed to tigerpawsofwws@gmail.com or it will not be considered. You should handle the mechanics of negotiating and placing the order. PAWS or WWS tax exempt letter must be used when placing the order. PAWS encourages you to try and negotiate the best deal possible.

2. If approved in the first step, this application will be forwarded to the Principal for similar review.

3. Subsequent to the Principal’s review and approval, this application will then be forwarded and reviewed by the Tiger PAWS Allocation Committee.

4. At the Tiger PAWS general meeting following the allocation deadline, the request will be approved or declined and you will receive notice of PAWS’ decision.

5. If approved, invoices must be submitted to PAWS prior to the following deadlines: Jan. 15 for Fall, and April 24th for Winter. The Tiger PAWS financial books close June 30. No funds can be paid out after the close of books even if the approval was given this year.

If you have questions, please contact:
PAWS Allocation chairperson, Susan Nordmark allocations@tigerpaws.org or PAWS President, Sarah Johnson at president@tigerpaws.org
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Has PAWS made an allocation to your organization in the past two years? If so, when and for what amount?
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Please email invoice or estimates for the items you are requesting to TigerPawsOfWWS@gmail.com
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