Exquisite Bullies Puppy Application
As a responsible breeder & true animal lover, we screen for the perfect home(s) for any puppy that we produce guaranteeing our puppies to promising new homes to receive the love & care that they deserve. We screen each forthcoming purchaser and select the candidates we feel would make the best match. Answer every question genuinely and precisely.
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Are you ready for a muscled up 100+ lb dog in your home & will they be part of your family? *
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Describe how you would keep your new  puppy well socialized? *
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Do you currently own any other dogs? If so, what breed/s & how many? *
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Are you willing to send or post updates regarding your pup as he/she grows? *
How would you discipline your new Bully puppy's  bad behavior? (As in chewed up your pair of shoes, soiled the rug and so forth) *
Do you have any experience with the bully breed? If so please explain! *
Please specify the areas of your home where your New Puppy will be housed including the sleeping area, yard, kennel, crate, garage, chained outside or inside your home? *
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Do you want a male or female puppy? *
Do you have children? How many? Ages? *
Do you plan on breeding or do you want a pet home puppy? *
Do you live in a house, apartment or townhouse etc? *
What do you do for a living as a primary source of income? *
How many hours a day would your new puppy be left alone? Would they be indoors or outdoors? If outdoors do they have shelter and a safe place that’s suitable for weather conditions? If so describe *
What do you believe are the main requirements of supporting your puppy through the teething and potty training phase? Did you know a puppy can’t hold their bladder until 6 months old? *
Will you be able to provide your Exquisite Bully puppy with at least 30 minutes of exercise daily plus socializing is so important for a large breed dog! *
Do you believe in shock collars or prong collars if so do you leave them on at all times or only when training? *
Are you financially prepared to provide your dog with regular healthcare(shots, heart-guard) and emergency medical treatment if ever needed? *
Have you ever had to re-home or surrender a dog to a shelter? *
What breeding would you be interested in? *
Budget for Puppy *
Thank you so much to you for finishing our puppy application! We will contact you to inform you as to whether you've been approved to raise a pup from our next litter. Checkmark which pick reservation you are most interested in: *
Thank you!
🐾🐾Thank you for supporting our responsible and ethical breedings! We will keep your application on file. Please reach out with any questions you may have on our Instagram @Exquisitebullys_  🐾🐾 or my phone 505-300-8947 Christy owner of Exquisitebullys
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