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Due to the COVID-19 situation, WE Int. is bringing El-Tendedero online! Join the campaign by answering the questions below. You can choose the question(s) you'd like to answer, and you are not required to give your personal information. For the sake of privacy and legal responsibility, all responses will be anonymized and names will be deleted/changed.

Thank you for your participation, and let's raise our voices together!

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Have you ever been treated unfairly in Japan for your race, gender, nationality/ethnicity, or sexuality? What happened?/日本において、人種・ジェンダー・セクシュアリティ・国籍などを理由に、理不尽な扱いを受けたことはありますか?ある場合、それはどのようなものでしたか?
Do you do anything to protect yourself or others from sexual harassment (unwanted touching, comments of a sexual nature) and gender-based violence? What do you think you can or will do?/性暴力やセクハラ(身体的・言語的)を防止するために、普段から行っていることはありますか?またはどのようなことができると思いますか?
Have you ever experienced or witnessed any cases of harassment, violence, or exclusion around you on your campus? How did you feel/what did you think in such occasion(s)?/セクシュアルハラスメントを受けたり、他の人が受けているのを目の当たりにしたことはありますか?どのときに、どう感じましたか?
What do you think is sexual harassment? Any examples? /セクシュアル・ハラスメントをあなたなりに定義してみてください。どのような例がありますか?
If you have ever experienced sexual harassment, gender-based violence, or being made to feel uncomfortable, what happened and how did you cope with it? Do you have any advice to other victims of sexual violence?/もしあなた自身がセクハラ、性暴力、その他理不尽な扱いを受けたことがあるとしたら、どのようにその経験と向き合ってきましたか?他の被害者に対して、何かアドバイスはありますか?
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