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Interns receive valuable experience working with Ciclovía Salinas and will also receive the following benefits: (1) community service hours; (2) letters of recommendation upon completion of projects; (3) resume-building experience; (4) development of leadership skills; and (5) positive changes made for themselves and other residents of Salinas
Ciclovía Salinas Summer Internship Application June-August 2018 Application Due Date: May 30th, 2018, Orientation June 11, 2018
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Ciclovía Salinas is a youth-led project that temporarily transforms the streets into a recreational route for the community. The route has been strategically placed to unite Salinas through social activities that promote health and wellness.

Within the Ciclovía Salinas project there are four committees, with each committee coordinating and planning different aspects of Ciclovía: Marketing, Logistics & City Planning, Volunteer & Activities, and Finance. Each intern will have an opportunity to work under one of these committees during the summer.

The internship consists of (1) working closely with the committee of your; (2) attending the Ciclovía Salinas planning meetings, on a weekly basis with other interns; (3) completing at least thirty hours of volunteer service.

Ciclovía is now accepting applications and is interested in Salinas youth who meet the following requirements:
Must live in Salinas.
Must be a student age 14-18, or have just graduated high school in Spring 2018.
Must be available during June-mid August 2018.
Must demonstrate a commitment to making positive changes in Salinas.
What do you know about “Ciclovía” or other “Open Streets” events?
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What do you feel are the most important health issues in Salinas today and why?
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If you have questions, or for help with the application, please contact: Gaby Manzo, Youth and Volunteer Coordinator – 831.717.1384
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