2016 Mystery Brewing Scavenger Hunt Team Registration
The Details
This year's Scavenger Hunt will take place via Instagram. You will have, in your possession, a list of 999 possible items, people, or places in North Carolina. Some will be very easy, some will be VERY hard. Every time you find an object/person/place on the Scavenger Hunt you must do the following:

1) Take a selfie with the object/person/place, or take a picture of one of your team members with said object/person/place.
2) Tag @mysterybrewing in the picture.
3) Use the hashtags #mbcyr4 #theitemnumber #yourteamname

For instance, if you find Erik, the Founder of Mystery Brewing Company, you will take a picture of yourself with Erik, tag @mysterybrewing in the picture, and use the hashtag

#mbcyr4 #8 #teammystery

Example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAAWo_yI5A7/

New this year: Additional bonus items will be posted throughout the month on Twitter, Facebook OR Instagram, some of the additional items may require a puzzle to be solved to find the item.

-Teams of no more than 6. All team members must be identified at the beginning of the hunt.
-Team registration will begin January 1, 2016 and end Feb 15 at 8:59 AM.
-The scavenger hunt will officially begin on Feb 1 at 9:00 AM and end on Feb 28 at 9:00 PM.
-Winners will be announced at Mystery Brewing Company on Feb 29 at our Birthday Party (watch for details).
-You will need to have at least one Instagram account to participate.
-Pictures without all three hashtags will not be accepted.
-Pictures without at least one teammate in the picture will not be accepted.
-Pictures with multiple items in one picture are okay, so long as they are all hashtagged.
-Pictures may be posted by any teammate's instagram account (or a team account).
-Some hashtags may be used multiple times for multiple points, but not ALL of them.
-By participating, you give Mystery Brewing Company permission to use the images you take for this Scavenger Hunt for marketing purposes (but we also promise we'll ask you first just to be sure).
-You must have fun.
-Please don't be a dick.
-Items will be throughout the entire state of North Carolina. You do not need to live in the Triangle to participate or win. Some travel may help your odds, but you are not required to do so.
-Pictures MUST be taken during the month of February 2016.
-Please do not drink and drive; always have a designated driver.

Questions, e-mail scavengerhunt@mysterybrewing.com

So What Do You Win?
The Top 3 Teams get prizes.

3rd Place: A Mystery Prize Package including Mystery Swag for the whole team.

2nd Place: Mystery Prize Package and seats for the whole team to our April 13 Washington-Duke Beer Dinner.

1st Place: Mystery Prize Package, seats at our Washington-Duke beer dinner on April 13, and the opportunity to design and brew a beer at Mystery Brewing Company, with Erik, and a beer release party in your honor at the Mystery Brewing Public House.

Mystery may also award prizes for creativity or comedy, announced at our Birthday Party.

Sound fun? Register below!

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Be creative, but keep it (relatively) clean. We're going to talk about you a lot for a month!
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What hashtag will you use for your team? *
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What are your team members names, e-mail addresses and their Instagram accounts? *
Example: Erik Myers (@topfermented, info@mysterybrewing.com), John Hoskins (no Instagram, pickles69@compuserve.net) If you decide to make a team Instagram account, make sure it's listed here. We promise we won't spam your e-mail, but we may want to send you some additional information or ask you a question!
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