CMC Reopening Survey
As you may know, Governor DeWine recently announced that child care centers in Ohio may reopen starting May 31st if they follow new regulations designed to reduce the risks of Covid-19. However, CMC’s legal ability to operate is only one of many considerations that will impact how and when we reopen. Ultimately, our reopening plans will be based on the needs and safety of the children in our care.

This survey is intended to offer our community a way to share their needs and perspectives in this difficult situation. It is designed to capture the full range of needs and perspectives among our community members right now. The range of ways to answer this survey is NOT a guide to CMC's reopening plans. We look forward to sharing those plans with all of you as they are developed and finalized in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting Community Montessori Columbus and our decision making by taking this survey!
When to Reopen
Given what you know today, please choose the statement below that best represents when you and/or your family anticipate being ready to physically (re)join the CMC community:
Please help us understand what state-wide conditions you and your family would consider necessary or desirable before planning a first day or first day back at CMC for your family:
Neither Necessary nor Desirable
ODJFS Child Care Centers may once again operate under their regular licenses if meeting new guidelines designed to reduce the risks of Covid-19 (currently, May 31st).
There is concensus among relevant experts that it is safe/advisable to operate early learning and child care programs under current conditions in Ohio.
There has been successful implementation of containment measures such as wide-spread testing and contact tracing.
There is good evidence of a sustained and significant reduction in the presence of Covid-19 in Ohio (as compared to mid-May).
Regular testing is available for members of the CMC community, such as staff, at levels recommended by experts.
There has been a significant reduction in Covid-19 morbidity/mortality due to medical advances (i.e., substantial improvement in Covid-19 treatment options).
Widespread availability of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and/or strong evidence of substantial herd immunity.
Please share any other necessary or desirable conditions at a state-wide level important to your family's decision making with regard to Covid-19. Conditions and practices specific to CMC's operation will be addressed in the "How to Reopen" section below.
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How to Reopen
The State of Ohio is requiring and recommending a wide variety of changes to operating standards in reopening child care centers. In addition, we are considering certain changes to our operation based on our unique facility and program at CMC. Please help us better understand your family's perspective regarding the following PROPOSED changes:
This would INCREASE saftey/comfort level
This would have NO/LOW IMPACT on saftey/comfort level
This would DECREASE saftey/comfort level
Pick-up and drop-off at playground gates with vehicle line forming in parking lot.
Pick-up and drop-off at exterior side doors to building.
All staff are required to wear masks during pick-up and drop-off and while interacting with other adults.
All staff are required to wear masks at all times in the building.
Children are required to wear masks as much as feasable/developmentally appropriate.
Limits on adult movement in the building (no enrollment visits or other visits during operating hours, etc.)
Limits on adult movement in the classrooms (no observations, celebration visits, etc.).
Limiting adults in each classroom to just one consistent staff member at a time.
Video call format REQUIRED for family/guide conferences.
Video call format AVAILABLE for family/guide conferences.
Staggered playground and lunch times so that each classroom can spend time outside separately.
Substantially increased time outdoors throughout the day (this would require combining classrooms outdoors).
A signed agreement among enrolled families to limit personal travel, group gatherings, etc.
What other aspects of our operation are on your mind as you consider what will make our program as safe and comfortable as possible as we adapt to Covid-19?
Your answer
Should one of our staff members or a member of one of our currently enrolled families develop symptoms of or test positive for Covid-19 after our reopening, what are your current expectations around appropriate action for CMC to take? (While we know what the state would currently require of us in this situation, we are interested in understanding family perspectives on this as well.)
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At CMC, all schedules are full-week to provide consistency in our learning communities. We offer flexible daily schedules to meet the needs of diverse families and children. If you are planning or considering enrollment at CMC this summer or fall, please share your family's interest in each of the following daily sessions on your first day or first day back at CMC:
Very Interested
Potentially Interested
Not Interested
Before Care (7:30 AM - 8:30 AM)
Partial Day (8:30 AM - 1:15 PM)
Full Day (8:30 AM - 3:30 PM)
After Care I (3:30 PM - 4:45 PM)
After Care II (4:45 PM - 6:00 PM)
More about You and Your Family
Please help us better understand your family's current and future child care needs by checking all that apply:
What is your family's relationship to CMC? *
In sorting and interpreting our community response, it may be useful to sort responses by name. If you are comfortable sharing your identity, please do so below. We are also happy to accept anonymous responses!
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