Teen Volunteer Book Reviews
Hey y'all, during these times it might be hard to gain volunteer hours so we wanted to give you an opportunity to do so online!

All you have to do is write a book review, and once we get a chance to look it over and approve it, you could gain 1 SERVICE HOUR from the library! We'll send you a confirmation email upon approval.

- Book reviews should be between 1000 and 1500 MAX CHARACTERS. (So it fits on social media; check out Kirsten's QuaranTEEN Reads Reviews for size example)
- Books should be Young Adult (fiction or nonfiction) or age appropriate for a young adult audience (12-18).
- The book does not have to be available at the library or the Libby app BUT IT IS A BONUS!
- Your review doesn't have to be a positive one, just take your time to fully explain your stance.

Instagram-Snapchat-TikTok-Twitch-Goodreads: OCPLTeens
Facebook: oldhamplteens
Twitter: OCPLTeenlib

More Info: oldhampl.org

Contact James the Teen Librarian at jamesf@oldhampl.org with questions!
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