Polar Bear Club Permission Form 2020

We have indoor recess when temperatures are below 20 degree wind chill.

Everyone Can Join the:
OUTDOOR RECESS (11:35-12:05)

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On selected days, Polar Bear Club members will be able to choose outdoor recess when the WIND CHILL temperature falls between 19 and 0 degrees. *
We are unable to meet on EVERY indoor recess day. Therefore, you will receive an email notification by 9 P.M. on the night before a polar bear day. *
If my child normally eats lunch at 11:35, he/she will eat lunch at 12:05 when they return to his/her classroom. *
My child will only be allowed to join the Polar Bear Cubs if they have the follow 5 items (please check all) *
In addition, I will send in a garbage bag so that my child can store his/her wet gear. *
Please list your child/children's names who you are giving permission to join the Polar Bear Club in the following format: First name, Grade, Name of teacher (example: Jon, 1st, Hood) *
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Please initial below to give your permission for your child/children to join the club. *
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