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Lead Pastor, Allison Park Church, 2326 Duncan Ave, Allison Park, PA 15101
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Thank you for inviting Pastor Jeff Leake to speak at your event. His desire is to serve you with excellence and to be properly prepared to ensure a great impact. If you would please fill out the information below that would be greatly appreciated.
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Unless prior arrangements have been made, Pastor Jeff's office will book his airline and hotel travel. An invoice will be provided for reimbursement to include these costs.
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If Pastor Jeff is not driving his own vehicle to the event.
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We've provided this information below for your convenience, but these preferences are not required in any way.
Healthy, protein bars, granola bars, almonds, Greek yogurt, fresh fruits
Restaurant Preference: Any place where he is able to get things like grilled chicken or fish, vegetables and a salad.
Water (prefers chilled), coffee - dark roast if possible with one cream.
Pastor Jeff prefers to have a handheld mic, but if not available, he is flexible with what is provided.
Resource Table
Pastor Jeff has written the books "God In Motion", "Praying with Confidence", and "Power for Life".
Would you be willing to have him bring copies to sell?
Would you be able to provide someone to man the resource table?
Travel Expenses:
Travel expenses (if incurred) can be reimbursed to Allison Park Church, 2326 Duncan Avenue, Allison Park, PA 15101 Attn: Matt Smith - Please write in the memo the name of your church.
Please make out to Jeffrey S. Leake
Can be provided upon request
Is there a flat travel reimbursement you will cover? If yes, please indicate the amount. If no, please indicate what you are able to cover. *
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I appreciate you providing this information. If you have any questions or need to contact me, you can reach me at 207-852-7890 or Any additional comments you may have please provide below. Thank you, Matt Smith
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