Lamb Cut Sheet
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Cut Options
Each part of the lamb provides different choices as to how it can be cut. For each cut, a small percentage is considered 'trim', ie what is discarded as a roast or chops are formed. This can be combined to make either stew or ground meat, the option for which is listed below. If you enjoy stew or ground meat, you can forgo other cuts in order to receive more of it. Typically, if you choose shanks, roasts, chops, etc, over adding those parts of the lamb to the trim, you can expect to have very little left over for stew meat or ground meat.
Shoulder *
The shoulder of the lamb can be cut into a roast which is typically 4lbs each, or chops. There are two shoulder roasts per lamb.
Fore Quarter *
The fore quarter is the upper half of the front leg. These can come as roast, slices, or can be added to the stew meat or ground meat.
Shanks *
The shanks are the lower half of the front legs
Leg *
Whole legs are approximately 4lbs each while half legs are approximately 2lbs each. There are two whole legs or four half legs per lamb.
Rib *
The ribs can be broken down into either two racks of lamb or rib chops.
Flank *
The flank can be cut as riblets, denver style ribs, or added to the trim. We recommend adding this cut to the trim.
Trim *
Please decide whether you would like ground lamb or lamb stew meat. You may also choose to have your trim split between both, though please note that due to type of trim that is left over, the slaughterhouse may not be able to honor your request.
Offal *
The offal includes the kidneys, liver, and heart. Please select whether you would like to receive it.
Bones *
Please select whether you would like to receive the bones. They are cut into manageable sizes and perfect for making broth.
Please specify how you would like your lamb packaged. If you ordered chops, choose how thick you would like them cut and how many chops per package.
Wrapping *
We recommend vacuum sealing your meat. It both lasts longer and does not use any more plastic than white wrapping, as the meat is wrapped in a plastic bag inside of the butcher paper.
Trim Package Weight *
We typically request one pound packages for ground and stew meat.
Chops Per Package *
We typically base this off of how many chops we defrost at a time for a meal
Chop Thickness *
We recommend 1"
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