CEBN Technical Dialogues
Submit your proposal to participate in "CEBN Technical Dialogues" - a series of webinars and blog posts providing in-depth, expert insights on a range of technological, financial, business, and policy topics relevant to clean energy technology and service providers.

NOTE: If you are not yet a premium member of the CEBN, you will be asked to join before proceeding with your presentation.

Proposed topics should be geared primarily toward clean energy experts and small businesses. While you may certainly discuss your firm's technology, services, and case studies, please do so within the context of a broader topical discussion--these dialogues should NOT be purely marketing in nature. Examples:

1. New technology, finance, and business model innovations revolutionizing the energy industry
2. Unique energy solutions focused around specific market segments or customer types -- e.g., solutions for utilities, industrial clients, commercial buildings, home retrofits, hospitals, etc.
3. "How-to" advice for small companies across the business life-cycle - e.g., startup management and fundraising, general business management, investment, marketing, etc.
4. Ideas for new types of multi-technology or multi-sector collaborations
5. Insights on policy or government developments at the state or federal level
6. Additional suggestions welcome!

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