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We are creating global opportunities for our USA national team and substitute players, as well as international professional players, to gain exposure and improve while playing against international competition.
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Please reference our www.elitevolley.com/prolist to see where you compare with our currently signed players and in which list you would best fit.
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You should NOT continue also know that we will not ask you to sign before your last match of eligibility in indoor/beach or ask you to agree to anything at all. It's not our style. For eligibility purposes beach/indoor volleyball are considered the same sport so you cannot verbally or written agree to any contracts/agreements. :) HOW TO PROCEED? Please don't speak verbally or written about agreeing to sign with us or any teams. You can do everything else BUT that to prepare for the day you finish with your last match in beach/indoor... All possible things include learning on http://elitevolley.com/provolley101, fill a CV/rèsumè out, talk with us to learn about the process of going pro and what we do, find out our level of interest in you as a volleyball athlete, ask our players about our process and representation, etc. Research and preparation are all fine but of course run things by your compliance always. :)
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What We Do In A Nutshell...
Our represented players receive everything we've got from representation (find/negotiate jobs, marketing, enforcement, etc), general support, mentorship, education & more. For Job-listers, you don't get support like our represented players but you will get our advice/mentorship, as well as negotiation for your deals... Follow our Instagram.com/elitevolley for more about both!
--> Pro Exclusive & Pipeline Player List
Our top level EXCLUSIVES (Elite/NT level players for ~25 athletes) managed by Ryan Jay Owens & the PIPELINES (NT/All American Pipeline type players ~30 athletes) are managed by Christy Swagerty. https://elitevolley.com/staff
--> Pro Job List [!!NOT REPRESENTED!!]
(For any pro-capable players down to lower-mid level players looking for open job opportunities)

In order to insure quality of representation, we limit the number of represented players we contract and focus on. However, if an opening doesn't fit for them for whatever reason (signed already or team/player uninterested) then we submit job listers that are at that team's level immediately! It's a win-win for you because even if you end up signing with another agent, you just update us with their info, and if you both are open to still being presented for openings.

Types of Applications
"REPRESENTED" and "PRO JOB LIST" signifies the way we are working to place you for any new job openings. While we don't represent anyone on our joblist... Non-represented JOB LIST approved applicants will be notified (if you selected "no agent" below) for all appropriate jobs (Meaning you must have the level based on info you give below for certain job openings), once our represented players are not options for those openings.
Note: If you give an agent at any point we will be sure to deal with them for all future jobs openings if we know them. If not, we will expect you to check-in with your agent based off of your agreement with that agent.
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Korea ONLY is for tall wing players (OH/OPP) ONLY and should be over 6'2" (188cm)... Middles should only apply if you have A LOT of experience as an OPP/RECEIVER!!
Selected "Representation"? Which are you more interested in?
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We'll send you our CV template to complete for yourself and for us...
Our CV's have everything possible a pro team would be interested in seeing before hiring you!
Here's an example of our professional CV
#EliteVolleyFAM Abby Detering of Penn State
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