Clean Streets South LA Challenge Application
Thank you for your interest in the Clean Streets LA Challenge! (¡Gracias por su interés en el desafío de Calles Limpias LA! Para completar esta solicitud en español, clic aquí:

Clean Streets LA is a city-wide effort to clean our neighborhoods. The City of LA's Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) is leading the efforts to clean our neighborhoods by distributing 5,000 new trash cans throughout the city over the next five years, hiring and training additional Sanitation crews, cracking down on illegal dumping, tracking the cleanliness of LA's streets with a street-by-street assessment system, and working with community partners like YOU to support community-driven clean-up activities.

The Departments of Public Works and Neighborhood Empowerment will distribute awards totaling $20,000 for proposals to improve area neighborhoods based on the strengths of each application, including creativity, innovation, volunteer engagement, and social media strategies. We will also be evaluating the improvement metrics proposed and completed.

Before you begin your application, please review the following eligibility requirements and guidelines. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, or any part of the Clean Streets LA Challenge Application, please email

(1) Official Applicant must be either a Neighborhood Council or Community Group/Entity with a valid tax-payer identification number and filing status (i.e. Tax ID, 501(c)(3), etc.).
The guidelines for the 2017 Clean Streets South LA Challenge are the "rules" of the program. They are provided to help you navigate through this application process.

Neighborhood Councils and Community Groups interested in applying for an award must submit this application by May 1, 2017 in order to be considered for the Clean Streets South LA Challenge. On the following pages, Applicants will be asked to develop and submit ALL Five Action Plans in order to fully enroll: Participant Identification, Event Plan, Implementation Plan, Marketing and Outreach Plan, and a Reporting and Monitoring Plan. You may find it useful to type your answers in a Word document and transfer them into this Application when you are ready.

When designing your Action Plans, you should decide on projects that can be completed during the Challenge Period:
May 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017.

Applications will be accepted from South Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils and Community Groups/Entities with a valid tax-payer identification number and filing status (i.e. Tax ID, 501(c)(3), etc.). A Board Member of a Neighborhood Council may apply, but the official Applicant must be the Neighborhood Council. Applicants are encouraged but not required to partner with additional entities, which is intended to expand opportunities for jointly hosted neighborhood clean-ups.

Partnerships could include, but are not limited to: City-elected officials, LAPD Neighborhood Watch groups, Business Improvement Districts, Chambers of Commerce beautification committees, senior centers, school groups, church groups, service groups, home-owner associations (HOAs), environmental groups, neighborhood advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, or other elected offices (federal, state, county, commissions).

There is no limit on the number of partners that can be included on a single application, However, each application can only have one lead applicant. Partner agencies can offer support by providing technical support, volunteers, and materials and services. Get creative!

Projects can include neighborhood clean-ups, the creation of a Block Captain Program, Bulky Item Blitz Days with the MyLA311 mobile app, and more. Neighborhood cleanups are encouraged in all communities, however, additional interest is given in neighborhoods whose streets are ranked with a cleanliness score of '3' or '2' as defined by the Clean Streets Index.

The Department of Public Works and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment will review, evaluate, select and determine the most improved neighborhoods based on the strengths of each application, as well as the improvement metrics proposed and completed. Improvement will be determined by using the street-by-street cleanliness baseline released by the City, self-reported improvements by each Applicant, and if needed, assessment by City staff.

The number of projects that will receive awards will be determined by the number of applications received, the number of projects completed successfully during the Challenge Period, and the criteria used to determine improvement.

Awards will be announced at the conclusion of the program.

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