Transition to the Next Academic Year - Request Form (PYP)
With the forthcoming release of PYP Next, this year we are offering free support to help transition your PYP classes and students, and prepare your account for the New Academic Year.

This is an effort to ensure that PYP students & classes are transitioned in line with best practices on ManageBac, as well as assisting the move to a Year Group and Homeroom class setup.

In this process, we will help with:

1. Unit Plan Management: We offer to bulk export all unit planners to PDF (These will be stored on your account in a ZIP file so you have a record of what you taught last year) and to bulk archive all unit planners. Both features are optional.

2. Academic Terms: Create your 2019-2020 PYP Academic Terms (if not previously created)

*3. Year Groups: Create your 2019-2020 PYP Year Groups (Year Groups are new to the PYP, and group all students in a particular year level to provide a space for full year level calendars, messages, and files).* Pending release

4. Student Transition: Move all PYP students up a year level (We will bulk move all students up one grade, where you can then edit individual students such as if some students need to remain in their existing grade level, or add new incoming students)

5. Legacy Classes: Link all 2018-19 classes to the 2018-19 academic year (if not previously linked) and Bulk Archive them.

6. New Classes: Create classes for the new academic year and link them to the 2019-20 academic year

If you have any questions on this process, add your query to the question box on this form upon submission.

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We offer to bulk generate PDF planners for all subjects for you, unless directed otherwise. These will be stored on your account to download.

Note: It is only possible to store 1 copy of each planner, and thus if you have previously generated PDF planners, this would replace the files listed on your account under the Curriculum > IB Primary Years > Bulk Generate PDF Planners page.

We also offer to bulk archive your planners if you wish, if you intend to create new planners from scratch in the new academic year. Just to clarify, Units are automatically shared with classes of the same subject and grade level, and carried over to the next academic year. Thus your teachers can continue to use them year after year. Any teacher of a class of the same subject and grade level of the unit, will find the units automatically populate under the classes units tab.

Thus there is essentially only 1 iteration of the unit, and any changes made are reflected on the unit no matter which class accesses it. This is built in a way to allow for collaborate unit planning by multiple teachers. Transitioning, Archiving or Deleting a class does not affect the unit. 

You can archive your units each year and create new units if you wish, however ManageBac unit planning has been established in a way to avoid this laborious task. If you would like a record of the units status from year to year, we recommend Generating PDF planners of the units to keep as a local copy, as we offer here.

We provide the Reflections & Evaluation tab of the unit planner template to keep track of any changes made or needed for a unit. You will notice it is categorized by the academic year, to allow for a historic record of the success of the unit from year to year. For a step by step guide on Unit Planning, please see here:

Note for PYP Next:
To clarify further regarding units carrying over to PYP Next for the Enhanced PYP: We will transfer old units to the new platform once it is released. We will be migrating legacy fields, which are being deprecated, such as Transdisciplinary Skills over to the new planners as a read-only reference, allowing teachers to see previous inputs as a reference for completing the new planners.

Fields will be migrated as per the below image, or if you prefer, we can archive as mentioned.

Field migration:
Do you wish for us to bulk generate PDFs of your PYP unit planners? *
As a reminder, each term set gives you a fresh gradebook to assess your students, as well as tying tasks to unit plans.

When the new academic year becomes "Current", your tasks that fall within these term dates will display in the unit planners, (and for schools using attendance, your attendance settings for the 2019-2020 academic year will come into effect)

As the academic term dates are not visible to students or parents, but are used to group tasks within the gradebook, we recommend they are set to be continuous (i.e. they should be inclusive of your school holidays in order to avoid gaps between terms). 

Note: You can always edit your term sets, dates and names after they have been created.

For a step-by-step guide, please see here:

If you have not created your 2019-2020 academic year and term sets, please outline how many terms you wish to have created *
How would you like to label your terms?
If you know your term dates, please list them below
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Year Groups are new to the PYP, and act to group your students into one particular year level.

For example, you could have a IB PYP Class of 2027 Year Group (Grade 3) but then have Homeroom A and Homeroom B as your year level sit in two different homeroom sections.

Are you ready for us to create your PYP year groups? *
How would you like to label your year groups? *
We will assist to bulk transition all students up 1 year level.

Note: If after the bulk transition, you need to move a student back down a year level (if they are repeating), up another year level (if they have skipped a year), or have new students to enrol, this can be managed via Settings > School Directory > Memberships.

Please see a step-by-step guide here:

Are you ready for us to bulk transition all PYP students up a year level? *
Do your highest level PYP students transition to MYP/Middle School/IGCSE on your ManageBac account, or should they be archived? *
Note: We will leave legacy PYP classes, those used in the 2018-2019 academic year, on your account so that Legacy Unit planners remain visible from legacy classes.
Do you want to use the same list of PYP classes you used in the 2018-19 academic year? (ie you have the same number of classes for Homeroom & Specialist purposes this year that you had last year) *
Please list out the classes you wish to offer in each year level during the 2019-20 academic year.
List out class names and IDs, organised by year level (see example below). Class IDs are not required, but are recommended to make bulk assigning students to classes easier.
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Is there any other information you would like for us to know prior to transitioning your account?
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Upon submission, we will double confirm with you prior to transitioning your account.
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We will be offering numerous opportunities for face-to-face training during August-November 2019. PYP Next on ManageBac workshops are scheduled to be held in Mumbai, London, Portland, Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Chicago, Dubai, Medellin and Adelaide. If you can't make it to a workshop, then join us for an online webinar!

Reservations are open for Administrators and PYP Coordinators, to assist schools with becoming familiar with the new features of the enhanced PYP, and a smooth transition to the new user interface.

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