Sex & Relationship - Survey

Hey cheeky,

I want to have a sneak-peak into your bedroom!!!

If you are in a committed relationship, answer the questions based on that relationship. And if you are currently not in a committed relationship, relate the questions to a partner from your past.

Section 1 is required and Section 2 is optional.

Keep smiling and stay cheeky :-)

Wala xo

NOTE: This information is 100% confidential.
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1. How satisfied are you with your sex life currently? * *
2. What best inform your answer to #1 * *
3. How important is sex to you in your intimate relationship(s) * *
4. Do you feel like you and your partner(s) are aligned sexually? * *
5. If the last answer is below 3. Can you tell me more?
6. How comfortable are you talking about sex with your partner? * *
7. Would you consider learning more about intimacy and relationships in the future? *
Thank you for completing the essential questions. however, Section 2 awaits and it optional. xo
It would be totally awesome if we played some more though....winks*
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