CMRETAC Behavioral Health Survey
What transport agencies are utilized for behavioral health patients?
What type of transport? (ie, ambulance, police car, private ambulance service, etc.)
How is the transport mode decided?
Approximately how many calls are related to behavioral health per year? Is call volume higher during ski season, off-season, or summer?
Approximately how many interfacility transfers are related to behavioral health per year?
What delays or barriers do you experience getting placement/beds? Approximately how long does it take to get a patient placed?
What behavioral health resources are available in your community? What additional resources are needed in your community/state?
What burdens are placed on your organization because of behavioral health cases?
Please provide any ideas on how we can work together to reduce the burden?
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Thank you for providing your input.
If you have any additional questions please contact Sarah Weatherred Phone: 970-331-3355
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