2021 Same Team Request Form - KWHLB
Where possible, the league will attempt to fulfill any reciprocal friend/sibling requests made by a player after the player has registered and paid. To ensure team parity within divisions, same team requests will not be guaranteed. Under no circumstances will a three-way team request be granted, no exceptions.

A reciprocal friend/sibling request is when two players from the same division request each other to be on the same team. For example, Jimmy Smith requests John Robert AND John Robert requests Jimmy Smith. 

In order for a same-team request to be considered:

-Each player MUST complete a same team request form (reciprocal) by April 1

-Each player must be registered in the same divisions and fully paid

-Only one same-team request is permitted per player 

NOTE: Players of coaches (up to three coaches per team) will be placed on the same team and a same-team request form does not need to be completed.  Coaches must complete a coach application to request to coach together and identify their children. Note: Players of coaches who are part of a coaching team of 3 cannot request additional same-team requests.
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