Blended Collaborative Application 2018-2019
Are you serious about wanting to implement blended learning into your classroom? The eLearning department is looking for teachers that want to turn their classroom into a more STUDENT CENTERED environment. Please review the Blended Collaborative Guidelines:

1. Must have strong instructional practices and good understanding of the Teaching and Learning Cycle (not an expert...we all have our strengths and weaknesses).
2. Must have detailed Unit plans and well developed yearly calendar (so that you know what unit your are teaching each month so we can plan ahead).

Due Date - May 11th

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What subject(s) and/or grade-level(s) are you interested in blending? *
Why are you interested in joining the blended collaborative? *
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What does your lesson planning look like? Do you have a yearly calendar planned out with units? *
Do you have any experience with blended learning? flipping? Explain below: *
No experience necessary
Are you applying with a team? If so, who is part of the team? (Note-teams of teachers will have priority) *
Being a part of the collaborative requires ONE day of learning during the summer. Which summer date(s) will work for you? *
Please select which Blended Collaborative you would like to be a part of. *
Please make sure you are available for the following dates for the corresponding Mondays, and two Saturdays: Fall - 10/6/18 8:00-3:30pm, Spring - 2/9/2019 or 2/23/2019 8-3:30pm
Anything else you would like us to know:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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