Willowcreek Middle School Accelerated Math Placement Test Make-up Day Registration and Parent Survey
This registration form is only for students who will be 7th graders at Willowcreek Middle School during the 2020-2021 school year, desire to take the 7th grade Accelerated Math pathway, and who did not take the test in May.
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The test will be at Willowcreek in room B110. The test takes about 2 hours. Students do not need to bring anything, but may bring pencils and a water bottle if desired. No calculators are allowed on the test. We will be practicing social distancing and parents must wait outside the school.
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Points to consider about the Accelerated Mathematics Pathway. 1) The accelerated pathway is not a good fit for all students, even good math students. Students must be prepared to learn concepts and make connects between concepts at an accelerated pace. Students are expected to articulate and communicate their thinking verbally and in writing. 2) Students placed in the non-accelerated Intermediate 1, 7th grade course, will still have the opportunity to enter the Honors track in 9th grade. If a student enters the Honors track in 9th grade, they will have the choice of taking either AP Calculus or AP Statistics as a senior. 3) If a student is placed on the accelerated track in 7th grade and then struggles later in their high school math classes, the student may face challenges meeting high school graduation requirements. *
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