Global Roster on Atrocity Crimes and RtoP

The Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention (BCMAP) wishes to facilitate the activities of the international community committed to atrocity crimes prevention and the implementation of the concept of the Responsibility to Protect through compiling a Global Questionnaire on Atrocity Crimes. The list will entail the coordinates of institutions, organizations, and individuals across the globe who conduct research or undertake relevant activities in the field of mass atrocity crimes.

This questionnaire will be the premise for the creation of a solid, open, and accessible Roster of institutions, organizations, and individuals dedicated to atrocity crimes research and actions.

In our perception, researching on this field requires an appropriate combination of theory advancement and actions. The questionnaire has, therefore, been designed not only for scientists and researchers, but also for practitioners. The Budapest Centre invites you to fill this questionnaire even if the primary focus of your daily activities does not concern researching on atrocity crimes. For the sake of fostering collaborations and cooperation, the Budapest Centre also encourages you to share this questionnaire with all the other actors you believe should be part of this global Roster.

The more the questionnaire is completed, the more the Roster will support the activities of the atrocity crimes research community and the entire RtoP network. Your contribution is of fundamental importance for the development and accountability of the community we would like to create.

The questionnaire requires 30-45 minutes. We would be thankful if you take the necessary time to respond all questions.

This questionnaire does not, in any term, involve commitment of any sort for your organization. We guarantee that the data provided by your responses will not be used for any other purposes.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, precious time, and dedication.