I-Think Reunion
For over five years, I-Think educators have been asking what’s next? They enjoy time with their colleagues in the session, but where could they go for continued inspiration?

In 2014, we created Practicum: a year-long deep dive into Integrative Thinking. We thought this was the answer.

We should have known better. There is more than one better model to be built! Those who have participated in Practicum have been asking: so, what’s next? Those who haven’t, still don’t have an answer to the question they asked over 5 years ago.

In 2018, we launch I-Think Reunion.

Reunion is where we come together with peers – to be pushed and energized to try more.
Reunion is where we explore thinking, teaching and learning.
Reunion is where we look for new inspiration and take our next step towards it.

We are working with an advisory team of teachers to design how this day comes to life.

We are delighted to have Jennifer Riel as Reunion's keynote speaker. It won't be your typical keynote. We need to know what you want to talk about to decide on both the theme(s) and the way(s) we open the day.

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