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Interested in volunteering with The Russ Bus? We have several different opportunities that you can choose from.*

Propane- The camps that our friends stay in use propane heat. Once a week, depending on weather, we would greatly appreciate someone who would be able to check propane to see if it needs replaced or filled, and get the empty ones filled. No cost to you, just your time, energy, and a little bit of strength! Approximate time needed: up to 2 hours.  

Trash Gatherer - Each of our friends have trashcans at their site. We could use some help gathering the trash bags and placing them into our big dumpster. Done once or twice a week. Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds, gloves can be provided. Approximate time needed: up to 1 hour.

Trash Pickup - Sometimes animals can get into trash around our camps. We would love for a team of 2-8 people to help us by cleaning up the trash and disposing of it properly. Gloves and trash bags are provided. Approximate time needed: up to 2 hours.

Food Box Setup - Even though we are not associated with a food bank or food pantry, we are fortunate enough to help provide small meals throughout the week for our friends. We could use your help filling their weekly food boxes that they pick up at their Life Skills Class. A model is provided to replicate. Approximate time needed: up to 1 hour.

Projects- Occasionally we come across special projects that we need a few extra hands to help with.

Miscellaneous- Any type of volunteer opportunity that could come up!

**This form does not sign you up to volunteer, just to give us your contact information. We will contact you at a later date to schedule a specific date and time through either email or phone.
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