MASS Collective Educator Questionnaire
Please complete the below questionnaire for potential MASS Collective Educators.
Email address *
What skills and/or areas of expertise can you offer MASS Collective?
What is your teaching experience?
Please provide links to your personal portfolio, website or brand.
Provide a brief outline of a class or classes and a progress class experience.
What is your availability to teach? How many days/hours per week?
What is your desired hourly wage for teaching?
What is the approximate length of the class?
How many students are you comfortable teaching in one class?
Please provide a list of materials required for the class and each student.
What is the approximate cost per student for materials?
What equipment is required for the class outside of handheld equipment included in materials cost?
What of your personal materials or equipment can be used during the class or loaned to the class?
How much space/square footage will need to be allocated within the shop for the class?
Any additional notes?
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