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If you are going to use a phone or tablet, please use the device in the horizontal position so that all video is orientated in the same direction.
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Some other tips:

Virtual Call etiquette:
In general:
• Audio is very important; Be considerate of your environment and ambient noise that can be picked up by microphones. If you can use a headset, please do.
• Give your attention. Avoid looking at other things when in a meeting. Stay focused. You have the internet at your fingertips. STAY PRESENT; FACEBOOK LATER.
• Mute! And this is AN ALWAYS, when joining the meeting, you should be on mute, and only unmute yourself when you are talking.
• Have your phone ready as a backup. Some systems allow for video to be on the computer and audio to be via the telephone.
• Consider power dynamics. Unequal internet connections become clear at a moment like this. Moderate. Empathize. Think before talking.

If at all possible, we would prefer that you join via the Zoom Software (computer) or App (phone). It is a fairly painless process once you have the software or app installed. Details below.

Additionally, here are some resources that BetaNYC has developed to get you all better familiar with Zoom. Please review these before our Zoom meetings.

1. Guide for signing up and downloading Zoom < > - learn how to sign up for a Zoom account, download the program/app on your computer or phone.

2. Guides for Community Board Members - < >

3. General Guidance & Best Practices for Virtual Meetings - < >

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or problems setting up an account / downloading the app/program, or if you need anything else.
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