MCCRC Officer Application
Thank you for considering an Officer postion with Mature Content Cross-Realm Commuity (MCCRC). Officers bring unique indiviudal talents and contributions to our community. As a new officer we are going to ask you to learn the basics first. Recruiting is our life line to an active community.
In this Orientation we will:
Set-up of two curse client addons.
Ingame and Discord officer responsibilites

As you get your feet wet as an officer you may explore participation in these additional committees. Participation in committees are reserved for those officers that have shown reliability and dependability.

Additional opportunities - MCCRC is a committee based community. Additional committees include:

Banking responsibilities would require the "Senior Officer" rank. A Senior Officer position would result in a conversation between you and your GM after you have had time to get to know one another. The "Senior Officer" ranks require a Authenticator on your account.

If you are interested, whether you have spoken to your GM or not, please submit an Officer Application. After you have filled out the application you will be added to the #new_officer_training text room in Discord. Please pay attention to this room and attend the next New Officer Orientation that fits your schedule.

Trainings are held periodicly with varying days and times to best meet your schedule. Please arrive at the meeting on time and prepared to give the trainer(s) your full ingame attention. This meeting will be attended by others and will include a lot of information. Please be prepared to fully participate.

PLEASE make sure you are ready and able to make a long term commitment to our community before filling out this application. Thank you.

PLEASE READ before applying:
A red line requirement for all officers is the attendance of the monthly officer meeting. The monthly officer meeting is held the first Monday of each month from 8 - 10PM, E.S.T. unless a holiday falls in the first week, in which case the meeting is held a week later. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT COMMIT TO ATTENDING THE MEETINGS. Officers will be notified within plenty of time. If an officer can not make the meeting, they must contact their GM only through a Direct Message in Discord. Failure to do so will trigger an auto-demotion. Communication and follow through are amoung the strong traits we look for in our Officers.
If you have never applied or you have been demoted for any reason, choose "New". If you are a current officer and you are adding alts or modifying any information, choose "Revision". *
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Home Realm Name? *
This will be the GM you work with and report to at the monthly officer meeting.
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Give us all your toon names! (But only in our Guilds)
If you have characters on multiple MCCRC realms, you will be promoted to officer on all realms. Your home realm determines which GM you report to at the monthly meeting.
All Character name in our guilds (include -realm name please) *
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After I have learned to recruit, I would also like to be considered for... *
Last Question... Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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GRATZ! You are almost done! The NEXT STEP is a "New Officer Orientation". You will be added to the #new_officer_training text room in Discord. Please pay attention to this room and attend the next New Officer Orientation that fits your schedule. Please be punctual and prepared to give the host your full attention. These meetings can last up to 2 hours. (Don't forget to CLICK SUBMIT Below)
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