Woodsetts Against Fracking Pledge Form
Thank you for visiting. We won an important victory against the Ineos Drilling Application when RMBC refused the application for a second time. What's next?
Ineos have appealed the decision which will mean a Public Enquiry. WAF is planning for this - for an effective campaign we will need to employ a barrister and expert witnesses.
This will cost - we expect in excess of £25K.
We are not asking for money now - we are asking for pledges that we can call on if the application does go to appeal. If you can help please let us know below - no bank or credit card details - we just need basic contact details so we know we can call on you if we need your help.
There is no need to fill in all of this form - just your preferred contact method and how much you would like to pledge - thank you.
By the way - if you would like to send an immediate donation that's great - take a look here https://www.woodsettsagainstfracking.co.uk/fundraising
First name
Second name
Phone number
email address
How much can you pledge? Every little helps - we are asking for a value because we need to know what funds we will have available.
Thank you - and a quick note - as you would expect WAF will not share any of the information here with any other party without your express permission - see our website https://www.woodsettsagainstfracking.co.uk/ for details of our privacy policy.
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