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About Us
We are a community of people who share a love for exploration and innovation in visual and performing arts!

We find exhilaration and bliss in training our minds and bodies to visualize ways in which one can move and eventually execute those movements using the space around us.

“Aramandi” is a typical posture of one of the classical dances of India, Bharatanatyam. “Attitude” is a posture used extensively in the western classical dance form of Ballet. This community was founded during our journey of going from Aramandi to Attitude, and exploring a spectrum of movement styles along the way; building a pedagogy around a unique paradigm, where we learn to adopt any movement style we come across.

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About ATA Contemporary Foundation Courses
If you wish to explore tools and techniques in contemporary movement practice through systematic, structured training, this class is for you!  ​The classes are divided into courses. Starting with Contemporary I, each course is one month long with one class per week. You can continue to Contemporary II after taking the first one and so on. Each course builds on the previous one to offer you comprehensive training in learning to explore movement arts independently irrespective of your age and experience.

Each successive course will increase in complexity and extent of movement practices based on the core areas of:
​1. Body conditioning.
2. Embodying contemporary techniques.
3. Research in movement improvisation.
4. Choreographic tools and techniques.


For the each course (four classes)
Indian Nationals: 1200 INR
International participants: 20 USD

Indian Nationals: 350 INR
International participants: 5 USD

Saturdays 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm IST

On registration, we will send you an email with the class link and payment details.

© 2021 by Aramandi To Attitude.
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