Volunteer Application Form
Thank you for your interest to volunteer with SEEDS.

We encourage volunteers at all levels who can give their quality time to support our various programs. Passion and skills of the volunteers aid in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the our services towards the community.

Selection of Volunteers
All volunteer applications are acknowledged by SEEDS. The applications are then mapped with the requirements of the organization. If there is no current requirement, the application will be kept in our data bank for any future requirements

Confidentiality of your applications
The information you furnished in the application form will be kept in confidence. Only authorized staff will have access to your information.

Expectation of SEEDS
We expects that the volunteers engaged work in coherence with SEEDS vision, mission, and objectives of the volunteer program. The volunteers are expected to follow SEEDS code of conduct during their tenure of voluntary engagement with us and abide by laws of the land. Volunteers should give their feedback at the end of their engagement.

Recognition of Volunteers
Volunteers shall be provided with a Volunteer Registration Number and an Identity Card during their engagement. Volunteers who have completed their assignments successfully will be provided with a Volunteer Certificate.
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