YMC Bill Submission
We are excited to work with your bill at this year’s Yale Model Congress! This year, YMC bill submissions are uploading a word doc through google forms. You need a gmail account to do the form, so either create one or use someone else's.

Steps for bill submission:
1) Download the template found on the website (www.yalemodelcongress.org/delegates) and paste in your bill information. Note that Committee should include the full session body (e.g. "Red Senate - Judiciary" NOT just "Judiciary").
3) Save this bill as a word doc with the title being your full name.
4) Do this form by 11/4.

***Bills different from the YMC template format will NOT be put into the bill book this year. You MUST download the template and paste in your information; You may not simply use a similar format***

Email julien.fernandez@yale.edu with questions regarding the bill submission process. We look forward to seeing you at this year's Yale Model Congress.

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