Inde Key Club FRN Spirit Pack Form
Key Club has always shown club spirit, and a major event we show it at is FRN, formerly known as Fall Rally North!
But what else can we do to rep our spirit at FRN?

By wearing Division 12 East's 2019-2020 SPIRIT GEAR!

Orders for Spirit Gear are here! You are able to wear the whole pack or select items to wear! Remember if you purchase the full pack, you get to save 4 DOLLARS! $4!

Bring your money in a sealed envelope labeled with your name, grade, items, and money written down.

Fill out this form by Wednesday, September 18, 2019 and turn in the money the following Friday (9/20)!

Spirit Gear will be given out at the October DCM (10/12).
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Ex: Britney Nguyen
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If you're planning to buy more than one item(s), please answer with the quantity of items
Ex. Buying more than one T-Shirt or Spirit Pack (= 2 Spirit Packs) plus 3 extra pairs of Socks
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Will you have your money in a sealed Envelope your name, grade, items, and money written down turned in to an Inde Key Officer by September 17th? *
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