EarthCube CRESCYNT - Science Use Case Summary
Please provide your use case for EarthCube and CRESCYNT (Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network) to help meet the needs of multidisciplinary coral reef research! Please describe your research and its "pain points" in the form below. We may follow up with you to get a more detailed account. This information is critical for informing EarthCube data architectures currently under development. THANK YOU! For more information or to join, please visit
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One last thing... where in the world are the reefs you study?
We'll serve back your reef locations on a map linked at - it may be useful for your own collaborations, and we would also like to use it to contact people to help test out new capabilities that EarthCube is pulling together. Please help pinpoint some potential data collaborations within this network of expertise! Google forms does not support clickable maps, so you may want to open up the maps linked below in a new window for easy reference. ["Medium Scale" regions taken from NOAA's hierarchy of virtual sites: ]
Coarse Scale: GCMRN regions at
Medium Scale - Please choose primary data type and all locations that apply:
Atl: Brazil
Atl: Caribbean
Atl: Florida
Atl: Bermuda
Pac: Melanesia
Pac: Fed St Micronesia
Pac: Guam & CNMI
Pac: Marshall Islands
Pac: other Micronesia
Pac: French Polynesia
Pac: Main Hawaiian Isl
Pac: NW Hawaiian Isl
Pac: American Samoa
Pac: other Polynesia
Pac: Papua New Guinea
Pac: Phillipines
Pac: other Coral Triangle
Pac: East Asia
Pac: other SE Asia
Pac: Great Barrier Reef
Pac: other Australia
Ind: Middle East
Ind: South Asia
Ind: Western Indian Oc.
Do you have additional data types from some of the regions selected above?
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Fine Scale - If you're willing, please refine the general locations above.... Go to, click on "Location of coral reefs", then "Zoom to country", mouseover to locate representative coordinates, and type them here as (Lon, Lat) or (X, Y) in decimal degrees, with place names as backup. Thank you!!!
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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time and effort with this! Any other thoughts you want to share?
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